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Nightly Gatherings - Still Friends

“Still Friends” by Nightly Gatherings paints a picture of a friendship teetering on the brink, where both parties are left wondering if the bond is worth fighting for or if it’s time to let go. Like a purgatory of uncertainty, the track delves into the emotions and struggles of trying to hold on to something that may be slipping away.

Jordan Jones - Sabotage

“Sabotage” by Jordan Jones is a vibrant pop anthem that captures the rush of emotions that come with feeling triggered in a relationship. With its upbeat tempo and catchy hooks, the song is a playful exploration of the inner turmoil that arises when the walls we’ve built to protect ourselves are tested. 

Frank Joshua - Rain (Azido 88 Remix)

Frank’s sophomore album is a melodic masterpiece, weaving together fresh new tracks with the most electrifying remixes from his debut album “Sense Life”. Among the standout tracks is Azido 88’s reimagining of “Rain”, a pulsing, upbeat anthem that packs a punch of energy and will have you dancing through your busiest days.

The Official 4pm - Some of the Time

“Some of the Time” by The Official 4pm is a seductive R&B groove that will have you swaying to its smooth beats and melodic vocals. The song is an ode to the ebb and flow of relationships, capturing the ups and downs of everyday life with a relatable and honest narrative.

Carson Ferris - Drive Alone (Acoustic Version)

Drive Alone by Carson Ferris is an ode to the artist’s journey in music. As a young singer-songwriter, Carson navigates the often confusing and conflicting advice on how to shape his music. The song is about charting his own course and making the choices that will lead him to his destination.

Ana Gracey - Run

“Run” by Ana Gracey is a contemporary pop gem that sparkles with emotion and vulnerability as it tells the story of a second chance at love. With its silky smooth vocal work and catchy melody, the song is a celebration of taking risks, facing your fears head-on, and embracing the opportunity to love again.