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Juliet Callahan - Spotlight

‘Spotlight’ by Juliet Callahan is a glorious anthem for self-discovery and self-expression. Juliet’s mission is to ignite the inner fire of confidence within her listeners, fanning the flames of self-assurance whether it’s buried deep or already burning bright.

Love Ghost & Big Boss Mulaa - Heartless

‘Heartless’ by Love Ghost and Big Boss Mulaa is a poignant symphony of solitude. A melancholic blend of emo, alt-rock, and hip-hop creates a hazy atmosphere, as the song delves into the raw and honest emotions stemming from relationship trauma.

Jameson Tabor - In the Glove

‘In the Glove’ by Jameson Tabor is a high-energy, pop-funk, nu-disco masterpiece that delves into the feeling of being used and manipulated, particularly by a supposed friend with hidden ulterior motives. 

Tiffany Daniels-Hudson - Get Ready

Tiffany’s latest EP ‘FOREVER’ is a musical odyssey of eternity. With a blend of gospel, rock, and pop, she creates a symphony of sound that speaks of the timelessness of love and life. The six songs on the EP showcase Tiffany’s signature sound as an artist.

Tiffany Daniels-Hudson

Nfasis - Engorilao (BANITO Remix)

BANITO unleashes his production skills and drops a pulsating Latin House remix of Nfasis’ hit “Engorilao”. The remix is a sizzling blend of rhythmic beats and infectious melodies, guaranteed to get you up on your feet and moving to the beat.

LW6 X CP6 X Dawnz X TheKidOnfroy - Snowin'

LW6, CP6, Dawnz and TheKidOnFroy come together to create a powerful collaboration with their latest release, “Snowin'”. The track is a reflection on their journey of growth and progress over the years and a look into their aspirations for the future.