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IRYS - Waiting Syndrome

The opening vocal sample sets the stage for the track that immediately captivates with its powerful beat. IRYS just released her new single ‘Waiting Syndrome, which explains her creative music writing process. 

OH FYO! - Loser

‘Loser’ by OH FYO! serves as a gentle reminder to embrace our unique selves and find contentment in what we already have, rather than constantly striving to be like others. A good addition to your playlist!

Tyler Elden - Our Good Name

Tyler Elden latest release ‘Our Good Name’ paints a poignant picture of a family struggling after being ostracized by their community, and the weight of the future of an unborn child. A storytelling masterpiece.


BLOODCAT’S new mixtape ‘catcall$ (director’s cut)’ is a showcase of his self-care, resilience and of course his signature flow and creative sounds. A perfect album to hype your day up and get sh*t done.

H A Z E - Shadow

‘Future/Past’, the debut EP from H A Z E, is the culmination of years of artistic and personal exploration. H A ZE delves into darker, more ethereal sounds while still incorporating rock and electro influences.


UG’s mission is to find beauty in the past and justify the events that occurred. His latest album ‘U HAVNT BEEN YOURSELF LATLEY’ is his way of expressing emotions and feelings through a musical perspective.