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Juliet Callahan - Ghost Girl

“Ghost Girl” by Juliet Callahan is a musical blend of alternative pop-rock, grunge, and trap that tells the story of a young woman who has overcome difficult experiences and emerged stronger, wiser, and more independent as a result.

Megan Burke - For Hours

Dublin-based artist Megan Burke has just released a new single called “For Hours” that is sure to be stuck in listeners’ heads from the very first listen. The song features an immersive and captivating sound that draws the listener in and keeps them hooked.

Zoplo - Are we there yet

In his latest release “Are we there yet,” Zoplo aims to provide representation and support for those who have struggled with mental illness during their upbringing. The track combines hip-hop elements with stunning melodies.

ALCHA - The Light Is On

French singer-songwriter and producer ALCHA has just released his new track “The Light Is On,” which invites listeners to delve into the intimate and personal landscape of his inner life using mesmerizing sounds.

Dorian - Notice Me

In his latest project “33,” Dorian showcases his growth and evolution as an independent artist. Throughout the album, Dorian consistently and creatively transforms his personal experiences into songs that are sure to make a lasting impression on the listener.

Rheum - On and On

“On and On” by Rheum is a song that tells the story of a relationship that has reached a point where silence is the only way to communicate the end. The track is part of Rheum’s debut album called “Cassettes”.