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Anaté - I Want You

“I Want You” was originally written on the piano with a slow and melancholic feel. However, Anaté decided to take a different approach and make the production process more fun and serene. An enjoyable, upbeat release!

MADELINE. - Consume

MADELINE. draws inspiration from Amy Winehouse, Arctic Monkeys, and Lady Gaga to create a unique blend of hypnotic lounge vocals and tantalizing trap beats. Her music reflects her individual pursuit of a distinctive sound.

Silas Armstrong - So Much for Love (Aymen Valentino Remix)

This track has a driving energy that is perfect for getting people moving on the dance floor. With its combination of emotional lyrics and upbeat rhythms, it’s a ‘sad banger’ that is perfect for parties, relationship breakups, or even as an anti-Valentine’s Day anthem.

Art Grad - Speeding

Art Grad’s music is a unique blend of lo-fi, jazzy, and atmospheric elements, resulting in a delightful and cathartic listening experience. His latest track ‘Speeding’ is a relaxing yet upbeat masterpiece.

Saneit - Nothing Like Them

This seductive single showcases the sophisticated aura of Saneit, who starts off singing in a soft tone that gradually intensifies with each verse. The song’s smooth, captivating sound is sure to entice listeners and leave a lasting impression.

Matt Zambon - Immi

In his new track ‘Immi’, Matt Zambon uses sound samples of iconic Australian items such as gum tree leaves, 50-cent coins, and ice-cold Zooper Doopers to reflect on his experiences as a migrant in Australia.