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Lukx - J'aime trop (ft. Dad, Medok, Polen, Jerem)

The artist known as Lukx, who creates a blend of Hip-Hop, Pop, and House music, has returned with a new emotional release called “J’aime trop”. The project was created by a father and son duo who produce music together in their small home studio in Belgium. 

Bree Rusev - Dotted Lines

Bree Rusev is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist from Newcastle, Australia who is gaining attention for her impressive talents. Bree can be described as “one to watch” and is praised for her stunning lyrical maturity.

Temme Scott - One Foot In

Just before embarking on a solo western US house show tour, Temme Scott wrote this stunning record with limited time and resources. She aimed to capture the rawest forms of songwriting and production possible, and that goal has definitely been achieved.

Love Ghost - Ghost Town (ft. Santa RM)

Love Ghost, surrounded by mystery and enigma, has created a song that blends elements of Western cowboy and futuristic cyber punk. This collaboration with artist Santa RM addresses issues of mental health, loneliness, and the spiritual struggle with one’s inner demons. 

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L - Big Monster

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L was in need of a way to let out his emotions. His latest release ‘Big Monster’ has served this purpose. The intense emotions and feelings are captured in the raw and powerful sound of the record.

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L

POSHARAY & Xtina Louise - Chapter 6. I Choose You

POSHARAY’s latest track ‘Chapter 6. I Choose You’ will be part of his new album that will be accompanied by a dedicated Manga, allowing the reader to fully immerse themselves in the story being told through his music.