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Corrj - I Swear

Corrj’s debut album ‘MOOD is a true storytelling masterpiece! The album tells the story of his relationship from being single to falling in-out of love and the breakup. A good addition for your playlist.

Hazel - NoMore

Hazel’s new release ‘NoMore’ utilizes a strong guitar line with floaty harmonies to tell a story of a failed relationship and the knowledge that can come with a breakup. A delicate yet intriguing release!

Hannah May - Golden

Hannah’s subtle vocal work in combination with an airy beat for her new release ‘Golden’, results in an uplifting feel-good track that will bring that extra ‘golden’ sunshine to your life.

Jefe Chindrix - You've Got Mail

Jefe Chindrix started out writing various works of literature as a way to have an emotional outlet for himself. He decided to switch it over to music and ‘You’ve Got Mail’ is his latest piece.

Geena Gangi - Sugar Stained

‘Sugar Stained’ by Geena Gangi is as the title suggests, a  bitter sweet production with mesmerizing electronic elements that take you on an empowering yet dreamy ride through her relationship expierence.

Neice - Over Me

Neice always has two main objectives when it comes to creating music. Connecting with her listeners on an emotional level and creating an atmosphere of joy. She did exactly that with her new single ‘Over Me’.