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Taylor Roche - lovemesober

Taylor Roche released his latest hit single ‘lovemesober’. The track explores the feeling of not knowing if a new found love is true love, or just something exists in an altered state.

Maya Yenn - How Much Sadness Can You Swallow? (Jasno Remix)

London-based producer Jasno took Maya Yenn’s well known release ‘How Much Sadness Can You Swallow? and turned it into a electronic masterpiece. A collection of thriving synths and heavy bass.

Fran Lusty - You Play Me Like a Song

Fran Lusty’s soft vocals flow perfectly smooth on the acoustic guitar elements in her latest release ‘You Play Me Like a Song’. The track describes the unwanted thoughts that come with a new relationship.

RaSean Parks - Black Venus

A head bobbing beat with a seamless lyrical flow is how we would describe RaSean Parks’ latest release ‘Black Venus’. The perfect track for a chill laid-back afternoon.

Kelsie Kimberlin - Right Place Wrong Time

In her new release ‘Right Place Wrong Time’, Kelsie Kimberlin adresses topics like mental health struggles and toxic relationships. A beautiful piece with stunning piano work.

B.Moyano - I Miss You

The track ‘I Miss You’ by B.Moyano is part of his instrumental album ‘Father’, which was released back in December 2020. A collection of uplifting electronic tunes.