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Josh Nuzum - Maybe

Josh Nuzum’s latest track ‘Maybe’ reflects the complexity that some relationships contain. Questions, confusion, and conflicts are all unavoidable when it comes to sharing your life with someone else.

Manila Picasso - PRATA MED MEJ

Manila Picasso takes us back to those warm summer days. With his sun-kissed vibes and butter smooth sounds, ‘PRATA MED MEJ’ is the perfect laid-back relaxing tune for your playlist!

Manila Picasso

Gracie Moses - Night Terrors

Night Terrors by Gracie Moses is a release about bad dreams and how scary they can be. Using her new indie-rock sound, Gracie relates to anyone who has experienced invasive thoughts or emotions.

Matt Makk - Drive

Matt Makk created the perfect song for late-night car rides. With his dreamy yet penetrating sound, Matt alludes to the excitement of driving and the infamous LA traffic that comes with it.

Yunglynx & ADHD - where are you now?

As someone who struggles with mental health, Yunglynx always puts the struggle and emotions that come with that into creative lyric writing. ‘where are you now?’ is about being sad and confused about a lost relationship.

Dax - Depression

Quitting alcohol fueled Dax creativity and allowed him to write about the feelings that he experienced during that period. ‘Depression’ is about the ups and downs he has gone through in life.