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Jay the Dreamer - Story Of A Dreamer

Jay the Dreamer just released his debut EP ‘More than A Dream’. With the use of melodic storytelling, Jay gives us an insight on how is trying  to achieve his lifetime dreams.

Frannie B - Lose You

Frannie B’s debut album ‘Wonderland’ is a reflection on her life from last year. With the main theme being daunting thoughts and overthinking, with each track being a snippet to connect the whole story.

Myoon - Let It Shine

‘Let is Shine’ by Myoon is all about love at first sight. With the use of an uplifting melody, they describe all the feelings and emotions that are released once you meet that special person.

sam marke - burden to bear

With ‘burden to bear’, sam marke tells the story of being autistic and the struggle of being understood. The soothing piano with sam’s beautiful vocals puts you in a relaxing state of mind.

IRYS - Borderline

‘Borderline’ by IRYS describes the thin line between darkness and light. With every low in life there is a high waiting for you. A dark yet powerful tune that will help you get through difficult times. 

Arstidir - Later On

‘Later On’ by Arstidir expresses the conundrum that every person has been going through for the previous two years. A stunning work of art that deserves a spot in your playlist.