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Katie Pederson - Guard Down

‘Guard Down’ is the opening track of singer-songwriter Katie Pederson’s new album ‘Limitless’. A collection of ten stunning tracks, that will for sure capture the hearts of Carol King fans.

Airyen Vay - Breathe

‘Breathe’ by Airyen Vay is an emotional yet powerful pop release that will grab your attention right from the start. To accompany the new release, Airyen Vay also released a beautiful, cinematic music video.

LOVETA - Drive

‘Drive’ by LOVETA is as the title suggests, the perfect road trip anthem. With the use of her luscious vocals and a vibrant beat, LOVETA conveys a stress free energy that we all need in life.

Alan Peck - Dazed

‘Dazed’ by Alan Peck is the perfect laidback chill song after a busy work day. The low tempo R&B beat combined with Alan’s hazy vocals just put you in a different mood. 

Tali Flynt - I'm So Bored

Opening with a catchy electric guitar riff, big drums, and airy vocals. Tali Flynt talks about the urge to break free from the monotonous routines that we all experience in life. 

Wise John - Mr. Love

‘Mr. Love’ by Wise John is a release filled with nostalgic memories of love. A truly soulful track that takes you on a journey through the different stages of romance. Make sure to also watch the music video

Johari Turner - Showtime

At the age of just 16 years old, Johari Turner is already pushing boundaries when it comes to creative sounds. He showcases his unique flow in his debut album called ‘Basquiat Dreams’.