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Clinton N - electric blues

Clinton N’s new release ‘electric blues’ reminds us to not compare ourselves with others, especially when it comes to big milestones. Live your life at your own pace and enjoy the momentum.

Josh Nuzum - Sixteen

With his new single ‘Sixteen’, Josh Nuzum looks back in time and appreciates the moments he had while growing up. The track takes you on a time travel with the use of soft, acoustic cellos and a splash of nostalgia.

K.Kayne - All Alone

K.Kayne utilizes heavy bass elements with a melodic electronic beat for his new release ‘All Alone’. Expressing his take on the world through an emotional, yet powerful sound experience. 

Becca Starr - Fear Of Death

Glasgow-based artist Becca Starr has released her new album ‘Speak No Evil’. An uplifting collection of spoken word hip hop with tracks like ‘ITSDARKUPTHERE’ but also contemporary soul such as ‘Tides’.

Karly Driftwood - Yet

Karly Driftwood’s highly energetic release ‘Yet’ is the perfect motivational song if you need an energy boost to get your day started. Get out of bed and let’s get productive! That’s the message Karly conveys with her new release.

Night Tongue - The Flood (Dark Light Remix)

Take an attention-grabbing piano play, add mesmerizing strings and stunning synths in combination with uplifting vocals and you get a truly ear-pleasing release. That’s how we describe the Dark Light remix of ‘The Flood’.