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Allegra - He Ain't You

Allegra has been evolving her sound lately and found her artistic identity with her new single ‘He Ain’t You’. Luscious vocals lines on a dream-like beat that will tingle your ears while listening.

Blair Djuna - Beautiful

Blair Djuna has released his new single ‘Beautiful’, a subtle yet outstanding piece of music! The melody in combination with Blair’s sensitive vocals will grab your attention right from the start.

Tricia Lo - Tell Me Your Secret

Tricia Lo’s new release ‘Tell Me Your Secret’ is about the red flags we as humans acknowledge but tent to ignore when we look up to someone. With a cinematic beat, Tricia talks about this problem.

Trav B Ryan - Self Love (ft. Rxdeboy)

Trav B Ryan’s latest song with Rxdeboy is about loving and understanding yourself. Some days you just need some intrinsic motivation to get through life rather than motivation from someone else.

Stephen Lavine - East Coast Regret

Stephen Lavine likes to include a lot of emotions and feelings in his work. That is exactly what he did for his new release ‘East Coast Regret’. The song talks about trauma recovery and learning to live with anxious feelings.

Express Office Portico - Forget The Name

With the use of uplifting synths and swirling guitar lines, Express Office Portico addresses a more realistic view of the challenges that come with change with their new release ‘Forget The Name’. Make sure to also watch the music video.