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Leon Vain - Roses & Tea

Leon Vain never disappoints with his releases. Roses & Tea is a soothing breakup song that will make you fall back in love again. Subtle synths in combination with smooth 80/70’s aesthetics do the job!

Marisa Bettina - Do You Remember Me

Combining a sensual piano play with Marisa Bettina’s wonderful vocal work is just a recipe for success. Do You Remember Me is a truly emotional, yet empowering work of art. 

Tilda Allie - ROCKET ME HIGH

An uplifting mix of strings and hip-hop beats are the foundation for Tilda Allie’s new release ‘ROCKET ME HIGH’. The track will be part of Tilda’s upcoming EP ‘IKIGAI’, a project about existentialism & spiritual awakening.

Trevor Phelps - Bye Bye

Trevor Phelps just released his new album ‘Youth’. The album is a collection of alt-pop releases, talking about letting things go and growing up. A very relatable project that will resonate with the listeners. 

Therandomnessmonster - Piece Of Me

Therandomnessmonster’s new album ‘Two Different Islands’ aims to introduce the listener to eleven different styles of afrobeat. Each track contains a perfect blend of relaxation and groove to get you moving!

PRPL NRG - Damnin (ft. Argyle Bixby)

PRPL NRG released his debut single featuring the vocals of Argyle Bixby. The track Damnin has a unique sounding beat, combining electronic elements with heavy hip-hop basslines.