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Van Elst & Eldorado - Où es-tu

Dutch dream pop artist Van Elst creates a soothing yet dreamy atmosphere in his latest track ‘Où es-tu. Teaming up with Eldorado for a stunning vocal collaboration to top it off.

Juneau Lake - Don't Call Me

Utilizing funky bass lines with synth-pop sounds to create the ultimate summer vibe. That’s exactly what Juneau Lake’s new release ‘Don’t Call Me’ is all about. This will be the song that will be on repeat for sure!

Ally Cribb - Bigger

At the age of just 18 years old, Ally Cribb released her debut EP called ‘Unbroken’. After the loss of her mother, Ally used her musical talent as a way to cope with the grief resulting in a stunning project!

Time Players - Nocturnal (ft. Tim Moyo)

Time Players and Tim Moyo did a perfect job combining 80’s synth elements with modern RnB and trap sounds to create an uplifting banger called ‘Nocturnal’. Revealing one’s struggle between light and darkness.

ANVR - Dust

Building on a simple acoustic guitar riff, ANVR managed to convey so many emotions in just a few minutes. Transitioning into an impactful chorus that will grab your attention right away!

Lil Zib & Theisy - LOST

The feeling of being lost and depressed in life is something that Lil Zib and producer Theisy adressed in their new release ‘LOST’. Lil Zib reflects on his period of anxiety with his pure lyrical flow.