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Young León & Charcuterie - Moonlight

Young León teams up with Charcuterie for the perfect road trip release called ‘Moonlight’! The track tells the story of how two people find the spark of attraction while traveling to their vacation destination.

Cliff Whitakker - Throwing Shade

Singer-songwriter Cliff Whitakker is known for his bedroom productions. He combines memorable guitar riffs and stunning melodies in his latest release ‘Throwing Shade’. Truly a repeat worthy release!

Son Silva - Bastion

Son Silva likes to reject boundaries when it comes to different genres. Expressionism is his main priority and that is exactly what he did with his new wavy release ‘Bastion’.

Robert O'Connor - The Last Time (Sakgra Remix)

Inspired by the ABBA sound, Robert O’Connor released his new single ‘The Last Time’. Teaming up with Sakgra to make the release even funkier adding different 70s sound elements. 

Wrash Heed - Cry

Wrash Heed utilizes Afrobeat elements to depict what ladies go through when dating popular people. The calming beat with Wrash’s stunning vocal work perfectly expres that managing fame is not easy.

Knowte - Holy

Knowte’s new album ‘Trust The Process’ is heavily influenced by his poetic background. Blending subtle storytelling with structured rhyme schemes to make every single track unique.