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KOKO - Bittersweet

Music trio ‘KOKO’ released their new dark yet powerful tune ‘Bittersweet’. The track was created during a period of separation and isolation making the trio’s connection on a musical level even stronger!

Maya Yenn - Better Luck Next Time

Maya Yenn is the queen when it comes to lyrical storytelling. With her new release ‘Better Luck Next Time’, Maya tells the story of the current hustle culture, consequences of climate change, and burnouts with the use of up-beat pop sounds.

Terrarri - P U L L U P (ft. Carnell)

Terrarri always lets the beat speak to him when writing new songs. This time he teams up with Carnell to create a dream-like beat filled with uplifting sounds to take you on a journey to a happy place out of this world.

Conner Eko - Sink (StoneBridge Remix)

StoneBridge unleashed his Dance production skills on Conner Eko’s Indie Pop release ‘Sink’. The remix contains thriving beats, melodic synths, and of course Eko’s stunning vocal work. 

Nicco Homaili - 666

R&B singer-songwriter Nicco Homaili released his first release after three years of taking a break from music. His new track ‘666’, which was written back in 2018, speaks about the dissolution of his engagement with his ex fiancé.

Plastic Punk - You Know It's Love (ft. Ivy Ru)

In his new track ‘You Know It’s Love’, Plastic Punk describes the feeling of falling in love with someone. The beautiful vocal work from Ivy Ru perfectly explains all the different symptoms.