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Jordan Jones - Flawless

After the success of his last single “Stumble”, Jordan Jones is back with his new release “Flawless”. Jordan captures his ideal Sunday mood with easy-flowing and down-tempo elements supported by his stunning vocals.

Tetrix Bass, ROY KNOX - When I'm Gone (ft. Ellen Louise)

Approach the weekend fully charged with this highly energetic melodic Dubstep release by Tetrix Bass, ROY KNOX, and Ellen Louise. The song tells the story of an emotional heartbreak with a strong comeback.

LA The Lost Angel - Do Me

LA The Lost Angel proves that hip hop doesn’t always have evolve around drugs, money, and sexual indulgence. She puts her talent and lyrical flows to work in her latest release ‘Do Me’. A blessing for your ears!

Jonas Brøg - Mamacita

Mamacita by Jonas Brøg is truly a song straight from his heart. A stunning intimate production about how being in love forces you to open up and how important it is to connect with a person on different levels to unlock the full potential.

Weird Skyence - Yellow Tape

Hip Hop duo Weird Skyence turn up the tempo with their new release “Yellow Tape”. Combining two different skillsets with a unique beat and clean flows results in a fast-paced motivational record!