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BLK - Got It

‘Got It’ blends R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop with potent messages of self-worth, unabashed sexuality, and fearless individualism.

Clashing Colors - Temptation

‘Temptation’ is about being overwhelmed by a feeling of sweet uncertainty.

Thriftworks - Big Chips

‘Big Chips’ is a truly unique electronic production by Oregon based artist Thriftworks.

KIA - Madam$

Dutch and Indonesian singer- “soulwriter” KIA released her latest track ‘Madam$’.

Semtam - Slowly Forward Love Affair

Semtam is celebrating 20 years of existence with a brand new album called ‘Slowly Forward’.

Angie Robba - Hasard

Angie Robba wrote ‘Hasard’ to describe the hope in the youth, climate crisis and the social crisis.

Jupiter Grey - Disappearing of Saturn

‘Disappearing of Saturn’ is an autobiographical story about menthal health.