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Sly Spitta - $hot Clock

With his album “Rose UP”, Sly Spitta takes you on a journey through his life. Loaded with 20 tracks and each one of them representing a different chapter in his life. Switching up both energy and flow to keep the listener engaged.

Zueva - over the edge

Zueva’s new EP “5:1” is a collection of five beautiful releases. Her subtle vocals fit perfectly on the downtempo tracks like “don’t have a clue” but she is not afraid to use them in a more energetic setting like the track “over the edge”.

James Burt - Leave So Soon (ft. Dimi Kaye, Yoru 夜)

James Burt teams up with guitarist Dimi Kaye and producer Yoru 夜 for their 80s pop release “Leave So Soon”. With the use of uplifting guitar riffs and nostalgic vocals, they did a perfect job of capturing that luscious 1980s-era vibe.

Keiji Nishio - blood in the Snow

Blood in the Snow by Keiji Nishio is the leading track of his first-ever EP that consists of seven emotional yet lively productions. Keiji utilizes heavy basslines with trap-like elements to convey his message to the listener.

Keelah Tay - Between the Lust

Los Angeles-based artist Keelah Tay started writing poetry from a young age but quickly transitioned those words into songwriting. The result is a stunning down-tempo inspired R&B release with deep romantic lyrics.

Zachary Crawford - Sunlight

With his new track “Sunlight,” part of his album “Hello Stranger”. Zachary Crawford brings the sunlight to our day by combining modern production techniques with vintage analog instruments, inspired by the late 70s/ early 80s soft rock sounds.