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Ben Alexander - Run Away

Ben Alexander is all about that rhythm and that is exactly what you will notice if you listen to his new release “Run Away”! Both rhythmic and catchy, perfect for a club night or late night car ride.

Manda - fuck myself

Manda Malina’s new song, “fuck myself,” was written to inspire individuals to constantly listen to, love, and cherish themselves and their bodies. Embrace your sexuality and show the world your strength!

The Unbeat Soul - Glance

Glance by Stephen Langstaff also known as The Unbeat Soul, is about letting someone know how much their support means to you. When you are feeling most vulnerable, the little things in life mean the most. 

Drew Thomas - San Francisco

Missing someone you love is never easy. Drew Thomas decided to express those feelings in his new single “San Francisco”. An uplifting release with a combination of inspiring pop and rock elements.

Jacqueline Loor - Malos

Jacqueline Loor released her new track “Malos”. A relaxing mid-tempo Latin pop release that utilizes Jacqueline’s sensual vocals to encourage women to stop wasting time on the wrong guys.

Deli Boy - Count Ten

Deli Boy turned from a boy being stuck in life to a man with dreams and clear goals. He expresses his vision in his latest release “Count Ten”, a heavy-hitting hip hop track that will make your speakers mad.