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meadowhip - Iconic

Get in the mood with meadowhip’s new release ‘Iconic’. Smooth R&B elements mixed with meadowhip’s luscious vocals to create a jazz-like hit that will be on repeat for days!

Obeeyay - Hard

Obeeyay shares his fourth and final single from his new EP ‘Winnin’. A highly energetic track that talks about maintaining your relationship while also living life to the fullest with no regrets.

Hanna Söderberg - Gravity

Hanna Söderberg took inspiration from many different styles and managed to combine them all into her own unique sound. The stunning result can be heard in her new release ‘Gravity’.

Jaayns - Call You Out

Jaayns discusses the issue of being in a manipulative relationship in her new single ‘Call You Out,’ and how she regained her voice and courage after that obstructive period.

Andrew Southworth - Over

After working on his new album for almost two years straight. It is finally time to enjoy Andrew’s 19-tracks strong melodic new project ‘Doublethink’. A mix of multiple genres to please your ears.

DJ G-String - All These Nights - Remix

DJ G-String’s new EP ‘In the Mirror’ is a collection of her top releases since 2020, but the trance version. The release ‘All These Nights – Remix’ is the perfect energy booster to get you through your day.