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Micki XO - Light Me Up

Drinking or taking drugs is not a good way to solve your problems. With her new track ‘Light Me Up’ Micki XO addresses this topic by highlighting the darkness of addiction using her stunning vocals combined with a house-like beat.

Jonathan Lobo - Magic

Jonathan Lobo’s new release ‘Magic’ is a real pleasure to the ears. Layers of beautiful guitar melodies and Jonathan’s smooth vocals tell the story of how the lyrics “5 more minutes” evolved in his past relationship.

Estella Dawn - Easy to Fall

Not all relationships have a terrible ending as Estella Dawn explains in her new single ‘Easy to Fall’. With this upbeat pop banger, Estella sings about how love can gradually fade out instead of ending abruptly.

Gabriel Munoz - Don't Want Me

Being friend-zoned can cause a lot of insecurities and self-doubt. Gabriel Munoz helps the listeners to overcome that heartbroken feeling with his new empowering track ‘Don’t Want Me’. 

Excuse Me. - Heavyweight

With the mission to make music that speaks to the people on a personal level. The alt-rock band ‘Excuse Me.’ did exactly that by combining a variety of different instruments for their new release ‘Heavyweight’. 

Sharnelle McLean - Little Girl

Sharnelle McLean’s latest release is a letter to her younger self to prepare her for all the tough challenges womanhood brings in life. The track ‘Little Girl’ is a harmonious combination of elegant lyrics with a dreamy beat.