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RAGS AND RICHES - Tension of the Season

‘Tension of the Season,’ expresses what many of us are feeling as we weather the COVID19 pandemic.

Tae Brooks & Sanni - Been a Minute

The theme of the song is a journey of emotions through complicated relationships.

Alizée - Timeless Mind

‘Timeless Mind’ is a song about being with the person you love, and how 2 years could feel like 2 minutes with them.

Omonoko - Weight in Gold

‘Weight in Gold’ focuses on an individual’s need to have a break from the outside world, to re-establish a connection with themselves, and to focus on what their next move in life will be.

Demsky - Cold Coffee

‘Cold Coffee’ is about slowing down, reflecting and fighting for great things that are important in our lives.

Byjayr - Siren (ft. Nazanin)

Byjayr just released her new EP ‘Siren’, containing six brand new tracks.