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Amy Correa Bell - Anyways

Anyways by Amy Correa Bell is a song dedicated to not only the highlights but also the struggles of a committed relationship. With her lush vocals, Amy expresses her experience and emotions.

Fonteray - Floating Through My Head

Floating Through My Head is all about the groove! Fonteray has perfectly combined funky synthesizers with groovy bass lines to create a lively summer sound. Definitely deserves a spot in your playlist!

Splash Downey - Ain't Fair

Splash Downey’s latest release ‘Ain’t Fair’ is a vibrant combination of hip-hop elements with a banging club beat. The 23-year-old from Portland certainly knows how to get listeners moving!

Bryan Nord - Divergent Dreaming

With his new release ‘Divergent Dreaming’, Bryan Nord takes the listener on a journey to explore the world of dreams using his unique sound design. Truly a stunning masterpiece!

cable tv - rafters

James Yuill has released his 6th single under his alias ‘cable tv’. The new track ‘rafters’ explores different themes such as self-doubt and masculine toxicity with the use of dark aesthetic synths.

KALA CHNG - Water, Falls

KALA CHNG has released her new album ‘Stars’, 12 beautiful songs in which KALA CHNG mixes different genres with her Chinese background to create a melodic music experience.