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Ben Dolic - Kissing Her, Missing You

Starting off with Ben Dolic’s latest release ‘Kissing Her, Missing You’. Together with Gethin Williams, Ben created an uplifting sing-along track about past relationships. 

Vincent George - Slow It Down

Slow It Down by Vincent George opens with a hypnotic synth that sets the mood throughout the track. A feeling of slowing down time to get a grip on all the different emotions that are expressed in this release.

Andrew Narvaez - RIDE OR DIE (ft. Walt Miller)

Intents instrumental in combination with Andrew’s and Walt’s vocals result in a motivating release that connects with people who feel lonely and reminds them that there is greater hope in life.

Natalie Nichole - Come Over

Natalie Nichole lets her soothing vocals flow over a calming R&B-inspired beat, creating a rhythmic experience for the listener with her latest release ‘Come Over’.

lijdied - CENTERFOLD

Lijdied definitely packs a punch with his new release ‘CENTERFOLD’. Opening with a catchy guitar loop and slowly adding the extra ingredients for an energetic release!

Chen Ron - Community (ft. Brail Watson)

Chen Ron joins forces with Brail Watson for his new release ‘Community’. A blend of hip-hop and jazz elements to create a unique soundscape that showcases the skills of both artists.