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Alex Beck - Wishful Thinking

Kicking off with Alex Beck’s melodic new release ‘Wishful Thinking’. A song inspired by love coming to an end. Alex explains that it’s okay to look back and cherish the beautiful moments but eventually, you need to move on.

Laurentis & Maijah - KNOW MY NAME (DELUXE)

Just the opening alone of this track will grab your attention right away! Combining Laurentis’ hip hop and R&B background with Maijah’s sparkling vocals and you are in for an astounding musical experience.

K.Kayne - Loco

With the use of a beautiful guitar-driven beat with deep basslines, K.Kayne utilizes his strong lyrical flows to express how hectic the road to success can be. Even though you are going ‘Loco’, having a clear vision of the future is the way to go.

Dirty D - Orbital Velocity

Whenever you need to escape reality for a moment, make sure to play Orbital Velocity by Dirty D. The Lo-Fi hip hop elements with hypnotizing saxophone tones is the ultimate stress reliever. 

Trevour Amunga - Glo

Listening to or even making music can be very helpful for people who are going through a grieving phase. Trevour Amunga did exactly that with his new EP ‘Vespa’. A strong euphoric production with seven groundbreaking tracks.

Trevour Amunga

Mia Delamar - Cool

Mia Delamar takes you on a vibey ride with her new single ‘Cool’. The clean and rhythmic vocals paired with a harmonious beat highlights Mia’s R&B roots and excellent musical skills.