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Edison Miller - Lucid (j Hustl3 Remix)

Starting off groovy with Edison Miller’s track ‘Lucid’ remixed by j Hustl3. The immaculate elements J hustl3 added to the track just take it to the next level. Sensational, catchy, and perfect for those upcoming summer nights.

Mario the Mood - Weekend Kiss (ft. Cecilia Lim)

Moving on to Mario the Mood’s debut release ‘Weekend Kiss’ featuring vocalist Cecilia Lim. Mario combined his passion for trance and synthwave into a slapping electronic weekend banger!

Ariel Rose - En el Paraíso

Miami-based singer/songwriter Ariel Rose brings the Spanish heat with her new release ‘En el Paraíso’. Ariel’s mesmerizing vocals make fit perfectly on the sensual Latin beat.

Dday One - Moments Avec Toi

Dday One’s new album ‘Manu Propria’ is truly a work of art. Created using nothing but vinyl records and Dday One’s immaculate musical talent. The tracks are the perfect solution if you just need to chill for a second.

Bekim! - Close Your Eyes

Closing off with ‘Close Your Eyes’ by Bekim!. A butter-smooth R&B release telling the story about true love and cherishing it with your loved one. As Bekim! describes it himself “timeless and catchy”.