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for KING & COUNTRY - Unity (ft. Dante Bowe)

Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone also known as ‘for KING & COUNTRY’ have released their highly anticipated album ‘ What Are We Waiting for?. The album contains 13 stunning productions that they will showcase in a 34-city tour in the United States.

Leon Vain - Perfume

Smooth touching notes and a strong fragrance of romance. Leon Vain released a beautiful soul-pop song named ‘Perfume’ about overcoming every obstacle in the journey of love.

Leon Vain

Elan Suave - 1 OF 1

To show his growth as a musician, Elan Suave released his 6th EP called ‘1 OF 1’. The booming bass lines and lyrical flow in each track guide you through his hip-hop career showing his dedicated mindset and skills.

Elan Suave

Nana Forest - Daydream

Wonder away in a romantic daydream with Nana Forest’s latest release. Nana tells the story of escaping reality into a bitter-sweet daydream about nostalgic moments with her unique vocals.

Nana Forest

Dorian - Reign Love

Dorian seduces you with his smooth vocals in his new track ‘Reign Love’. Combining trap-like elements with a mesmerizing R&B base for a beautiful release to listen to with your loved one.


Dax - Dear Alcohol

Alcohol does more harm than good as Dax explains in his new release ‘Dear Alcohol’. A minimalistic beat with empowering lyrics that will resonate with people struggling with an addiction.