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R O B B E E - Down By The River

Kicking off with a new release by R O B B E E called ‘Down By The River’. A highly energetic mood-booster to brighten up your day with motivating sound waves.


Icarus Moth & SABRE - Quicksand

Moving on to Icarus Moth and SABRE with their new release ‘Quicksand’. The combination of Icarus’ producing skills with SABRE’s luscious vocals have led to an incredible, soulful future bass release.

Tarn PK - Street Noise

Tarn PK is starting to develop a unique style in his music career, combining elements of bedroom-, hyper-, and alt-pop in his new track ‘Street Noise’. Definitely keep an eye out for his upcoming album.

Tarn PK

Alexa Perez - Cliché

A heartbreak can be though period in our life. Alexa Perez’s new single ‘Cliché’ captures what it feels like to go through one with her soaring vocals and elevating synths.

Alexa Perez

TRKSTR & ekove - Tricks & Riddles

Lets get lyrical with with TRKSTR and ekove for their new track ‘Tricks & Riddles’. Enjoy a smooth jazz based instrumental with TRKSTR’s immaculate lyrical flow to top it off.

ELENA - Dreaming

Closing off with ELENA’s new track ‘Dreaming’. Although ELENA’S new album ‘ENOUGH LOVE’ was written during the peak of the covid-19 pandemic, she decided to take inspiration out of the fun things in life.