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Bayeux - Rush

In this edition, we start off with Bayeux’s new single ‘Rush’, exploring his uplifting synths accompanied by catchy drums and dubby basslines. Bayeux is definitely here to stay and his tunes are perfect for those late-night afterparties.


Jordan Jones - Stumble

Next up we discovered Jordan Jones’ new single ‘Stumble’. In contrast to his last single ‘Break My Heart’, Jordan tells the story of being in a new relationship using his musical skills in a highly energetic pop song.

Jordan Jones

Young Decades - Man on Mars

Energetic music is certainly not missing in this edition as we move on to Young Decades’ new release ‘Man on Mars’. With the use of a beautiful string quartet intro, the band grabs your attention and guides you through a wonderful experience. 

Young Decades

Dalaina - B.L.Y

Slowing down the tempo with Dalaina’s debut release ‘B.L.Y’. Dalaina explores the process of moving forward from a toxic relationship with the use of catchy melodies and relatable lyrics perfect for somebody who needs that extra confidence boost.


XIXI - 222 (ft. Elyscia)

Moving on to the instrumental side of things. Washington-based producer XIXI released a stunning EP called ‘Boog’, telling the story of an up-and-coming artist who lives the fast life and has to deal with the consequences.


a_shes - movies & music

We close with a nostalgic song by a_shes called ‘movies & music’. a_shes takes us back to the “Tumblr teen” phase of 2010 and explains how much he would like to go back in time to relive certain moments.