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Billy Cadden - One in Control (Tate Gregor Remix)

Tate Gregor transforms Billy Cadden’s indie release ‘One in Control’ into a banging electronic pop tune.

Colin Stauber - Part Of Me

Colin Stauber takes you on a journey on an electronic sound wave through his impeccable release ‘Part Of Me’.

Colin Stauber

Jess Meilman - Guilty Soulmate

The mesmerising guitar riff and buttery smooth vocals in Jess Meilman’s latest release ‘Guilty Soulmate’ will put you in a dream state.

Jess Meilman

Latir - Carousel (ft. Olivia Nelson & Tokio Myers)

Latir gives us a glimpse of what’s to come for his upcoming ‘Anthems For Lovers’ EP by releasing his new track ‘Carousel’ featuring Olivia Nelson & Tokyo Myers.


Swats - 808

‘808’ by Swats definitely does it name justice, combining heavy 808’s with Swats’ energetic vocals for an intense expierence.


Jessica Luise - Middle of June

Jessica Luise gives you that warm feeling of June with her luscious vocals, uplifting guitars, and elevating synths in her new track ‘Middle of June’.

Jessica Luise

2am Ricky - Hues

2am Ricky’s latest release ‘Hues’ is a silky, nostalgic R&B record, perfect for a romantic date night with your loved one.

2am Ricky