Great Value Jesus - Jimbo the Giant

‘Jimbo the Giant’ gives you a chill feeling. Organic, lofi chillhop that will blow you away.

Great Value Jesus

Dunluvly - Something On My Mind

‘Something On My Mind’ features layered guitars and contemporary bedroom-pop production

Volleyball - Slide

‘Slide’ is the first release from the new indie psych group, ‘Volleyball’.

JYLDA - Serene

‘Serene’ is a wistful track that marries synth heavy, quirky production, neo-funk elements and a seductive vocal delivery. 

Juhan Ongbrian - Sail On

Los Angeles-based, producer Juhan Ongbrian released his new single ‘Sail On’.

Juhan Ongbrian

Jolene - Denied

Alternative pop duo Jolene, released their new song ‘Denied’.