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Majesty Palm - Peace Of Mind

Music duo Majesty Palm takes the definition of electronic pop to the next level with uplifting synths, dreamy guitars, and stunning vocals. 

Majesty Palm

Heather Christie - The Way

Heather Christie dedicates her new EP ‘Culminate’ to the birth of her first child using mesmerizing melodies and wavy vocals.

Heather Christie

King Kismet - Catching Fire

King Kismet delivers the message of never losing hope with a powerful euphoric future bass release called ‘Catching Fire’.

King Kismet

Emily Parish - Don't Need Much

‘Don’t Need Much’ by Emily Parish is one of those calming and harmonious songs that makes your mind wander off to escape reality.

Emily Parish

Guthrie Galileo - Tender

Guthrie Galileo’s latest release ‘Tender’ is a beautiful emotional rhythm spiced with Latin-style percussion and a glowing guitar lead.

Guthrie Galileo

Dax - A Lot At Stake (ft. Snow Tha Product)

Dax teams up with Snow Tha Product to convey the message to stay true to yourself with their release ‘A Lot At Stake’.