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Nightly Gatherings - Time with U 2022

Nightly Gatherings’ new release ‘Time with U 2022’ is about the uplifting thoughts to spend the new year with someone you love.

Nightly Gatherings

Mocity Jones - New Ground Collab (ft. Oscify)

Mocity Jones and Oscify team up for a classic hip-hop masterpiece called ‘New Ground Collab’ inspired by their musical collaboration from back in the day.

Alycce - What Do You Dream (ft. tine)

Alycce and tine’s new single ‘What Do You Dream’ includes energetic synthesizers and a deep bassline that will guide you through an electric experience.

Sam McLeod - Baby Love

Sam McLeod’s new EP ‘soulmate’ is truly inspired by love and contains five heartwarming love songs perfect for valentines day.

Sam McLeod

Faith Louise - Wanna Feel

Uk artist Faith Louise is not playing games when it comes to her new single ‘Wanna Feel’. Combining a catchy melody with some serious vocal work.  

Faith Louise

Faith Low - Manic

Manic by Faith Low was written during a hypomanic episode which led to a powerful song about mental illness and addiction.

Faith Low

Trèvon Slaten - Why Do We Do This?

Trèvon Slaten’s new track ‘Why Do We Do This?’ is a butter-smooth, emotional R&B single inspired by a friend’s toxic relationship.

Trèvon Slaten

Anita Traci - Holding On

Anita Traci’s latest release ‘Holding On’ is a minimalistic yet mesmerizing deep house track with a snappy vocal hook.

Anita Traci