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Alessandra Boldrini - What You Wanted

For her new release ‘What You Wanted’, Alessandra Boldrini lets her lustrous vocals flow on an uplifting melodic and very catchy beat.

Alessandra Boldrini

ibbi Too Vicious - Closed Doors

ibbi Too Vicious got inspired by the secret life everybody lives behind ‘Closed Doors’ and turned it into a very infectious new single.

ibbi Too Vicious

Jhiido - I WANT U

Jhiido’s new track ‘I WANT U’ is the perfect tune for those relatable nighttime drives to help clear the mind when you are going through a tough heartbreak.


Christian Norman - no longer friends

Christian Norman combines a soothing electric guitar loop with his immaculate yet emotional flow for his new track ‘no longer friends’.

Christian Norman

Mazyn - Already Made It

Mazyn dropped his first release of 2022, a highly energetic and powerful new hip-hop track called ‘Already Made It’. Check out the music video.


Al22 - Deserve to Be Loved

Independent artist Al22 used a deep-house-inspired beat to reflect on his past relationship for his new release ‘Deserve to Be Loved’.