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Tasmin Rhea - Mind on fire

After Tasmin Rhea discovered the properties of hypersensitivity, she decided to describe her feelings in a creative way with her new track ‘Mind on fire’.

Tasmin Rhea

Kit Gordon - FLAT 13

For his latest track ‘FLAT 13’, Kit Gordon combines laidback vocals with a dreamy hip-hop beat that will put you in a state of relaxation.

Kit Gordon

Sunburn - Rainy Day

Dublin-based band Sunburn is back with their first release of 2022, an uplifting track with a soaring chorus called ‘Rainy Day’. 


Aivin - need no love

Aivin has proved many of his musical talents by producing, mixing, and mastering his debut album ‘777’ all on his own.


Cam Coda - Lost It

Lost It by Cam Coda is a reminder for anyone who is battling mental health problems, to be proud of the positive progress they have made.

Cam Coda

Joshua Woo - 10-2-1

Joshua Woo guides you through a melodious landscape filled with synthesizers, samples, and many more musical elements in his new track ’10-2-1′.

Joshua Woo

KELIZA - F Lovin U

In her new track ‘F Lovin U’, KELIZA used her musical skills to express the anger that was build up after a toxic relationship.