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Kinships - Deeper

Kinships’ latest EP ‘Vice’ can be described as a smooth and joyful ride through a mix of electronic waves with indie-pop elements.


Maie - Like You

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and virtual figures, Maie is carving the way for digital music artists with her new debut release ‘Like You’.


JAMIESON - Lose Control

JAMIESON’s latest indie-pop release ‘Lose Control’ was written after a heated argument with one of his close friends.


Victoria Taylor - Pull Up (ft. LOVE IAN)

After feeling desperate for human connection during lockdown, Victoria Taylor decided to express her feelings in her new track ‘Pull Up’.

KOA - Kissing on K

Musical brother duo KOA’s latest release ‘Kissing on K’ describes the moment you realize someone you are falling for could care less about you.


Sam Handy - Done

‘Done’ by Sam Handy is a melodic middle finger to toxic relationships and all the hassle that comes with one.

Sam Handy

Justina Shandler - Stamina

Justina Shandler used to love chasing boys, now her mindset changed to pursuing the truth and following the path that brings her the most.

Justina Shandler

A.Rob - I Been (ft. Sylvan LaCue)

A.Rob’s latest release ‘I Been’ with Sylvan LaCue is about never giving up on your passion and believing in yourself.