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Soran - Tired

With his new single ‘Tired’, Soran wanted to portray the constant back and forth confusion that goes into someone’s mind after a breakup.


Joe Traxler - Lifeline

Joe Traxler’s new single ‘Lifeline’ is a reflection on systems of oppression and white privilege that are embedded in our society. 

Joe Traxler

Alexa Perez - Wondering

Alexa Perez wants to encourage her listeners to chase their dreams instead of wondering or even doubting their self worth.

Alexa Perez

Davidly - Storm in the Hills

Davidly wants to bring the emotions to life that staying indoors all day created in all of us. “Let loose, be yourself, grab a drink, and enjoy the music”.


Annabel Grace - Leave Early

London-based singer/songwriter Annabel Grace released her new exhilarating electronic synth-pop track called ‘Leave Early’.

Annabel Grace

Lakeside X - Fire in the Sky (Radio Remix)

After 11 years of radio silence, the Prague-based electronic band Lakeside X finally released a new single called ‘Fire in the Sky’.

Lakeside X