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Lonely Boy - October

Canadian recording artist Lonely Boy has released his new EP ‘Lonely Ppl Vol.1’ aiming to bring back the authentic songwriting of the golden R&B era.

Lonely Boy

Coral Palms - Something In The Air

Something In The Air by Coral Palms is a perfect mixture of catchy guitar riffs, energetic vocals, and good vibes.

Coral Palms

Alexa Laine - miss me

Alexa Laine’s second single ‘miss me’ is about someone who regrets ending a good relationship to experience temporary thrills.

Alexa Laine

Alex Di Leo - Following Feelings

With his new single ‘Following Feelings’, Alex Di Leo aims to convey the message to follow your feelings in every aspect of your life.

Alex Di Leo

Rofi James - Berlin Wall

The track Berlin Wall speaks about the longing for a break from the monotonous routine that one experiences when in lockdown. 

Rofi James