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Mini Sants & GESS - Romeo (Remote Places Remix)

Build upon the original track, Remote Places gives his creative twist to ‘Romeo’ by Mini Sants & GESS. 

Aaron Janik - Fab Lyfe

With his new album ‘SPECTRUM’, Aaron Janik seeks to prove that trumpet can belong in any genre.

Aaron Janik

Style MiSia - CanEyeLive

Style MiSia released his soulful instrumental album ‘Soul By The Pound’ featuring 14 buttery smooth tracks.

Style MiSia

Patrick Tabaks - Like Home

At the age of just 17-years-old, Patrick Tabaks released his debut album called ‘Lost My Mind’.

Patrick Tabaks

Til Now - Bored

Til Now’s new single ‘Bored’ is based on the ending of a long term relationship and accepting the pain.

Til Now

Big in Borneo - Wanderer

Big in Borneo aims to take his listeners on a journey through tough emotions and uplift them with his new track ‘Wanderer’.

Big in Borneo

Liiyo - I Wish You Wasn't In My Life

Liiyo’s new song ‘I Wish You Wasn’t In My Life’ is about being in a toxic relationship that is unhealthy for both parties. 


Sproosy - All Guts

Sproosy’s new single ‘All Guts’ describes a panic attack caused by lifeless work and monotony.