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Zøie X - sad girl thing

“I’ve never been good at expressing my feelings so writing them down has always been my way of letting them out. ” – Zøie X

Zøie X

The Thing With Feathers - Static

Alt-rock group The Thing With Feathers released their new track ‘Static’ as a teaser for their upcoming debut EP.

The Thing With Feathers

Julian Mudd - Growing Pains

Julian Mudd’s new single ‘Growing Pains’, is a breakup song about the frightening steps towards independence.

Julian Mudd

Ralphy - D.O.A.H.B (ft. Jaake Castro) (Kin Cassini Remix)

‘Dancing On A Heartbreak’ by Ralphy gets a new electronic twist in the Kin Cassini remix.

Idlefon - Wreck

Idlefon combines drone, glitch, and dark ambient elements in his new album called ‘COLDSTREAM’.


Mother Culture - Drawing By Design

“To be ‘Drawing By Design’ is to act without thinking, and this song is about how it feels to be with someone who behaves that way.” – Mother Culture

Mother Culture

oooey gooey - U F Os

Married music couple oooey gooey released their debut track called ‘U F Os’.

oooey gooey