Mars Valencia - Nomads

Mars Valencia’s new song ‘Nomads’ is about the conflict between chasing your dreams and losing the one you love.

Mars Valencia

DreGarde - .Fine Wine.

DreGarde released his new album ‘Twenty5’ with the intention to relate to whoever taps into his music.


Jesse Grossi - Moments of Fire

Jesse Grossi’s new track ‘ Moments of Fire’, was inspired by his lack of commitment to his relationship.

Jesse Grossi

Kris James - One Last Picture

“Each song on this album has all come from real-life situations that I have been in, usually when I’m happy, sad, in or out of love.” – Kris James 

Kris James

Yukkon - Two Way Street

Yukkon blends modern, mellow sounds with romantic lyrics giving the listeners an intimate experience.


Elijah Pierre - Sweet Mistake

Elijah Pierre’s latest release ‘Sweet Mistake’ is about intimate nights with an ex-lover, when romance is no longer involved.

Elijah Pierre