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Elijah Nang - Sora

Elijah Nang takes you on a chilled lofi journey with his astonishing track called ‘Sora’. 

Elijah Nang

Nightly Gatherings - Waiting For Something to Happen (ft. BLANKTS)

Nightly Gatherings released a nostalgic summer song together with BLANKTS as a teaser for his debut album called “Tethered Together”.

Nathan Trent - Underwater

Nathan Trent’s new single ‘Underwater’ reflects his struggles with anxiety and mental health.

Nathan Trent

Shae Brock - made love to you in my dream

Shae Brock released her new EP ‘Was It Real Or In My Mind?’ featuring 5 delightful tracks.

Shae Brock

Maddy Hicks - For My Next Trick

Maddy Hicks’ new album ‘Reclaiming’ is about her experiences with losing and finding herself in all aspects of life.

Maddy Hicks

Greg Bounce - Can I Now Feel?

“My new track ‘Can I Now Feel? is about corners, and embracing the unknown. It’s also a little bit about hiking, which I love.” – Greg Bounce

YOUNG - Broken

YOUNG loves to incorporate guitars and a variety of instruments in his work to take the listener on an emotional journey.


Taylor Roche - Sucker for a Lonely Heart

Taylor Roche uses a blend of 80s and 90s elements for his new single ‘Sucker for a Lonely Heart’.

Taylor Roche