Myoon - Joyce

French alternative duo Myoon released their new track ‘Joyce’ about a young woman trying to make sense of the loneliness she feels.


Luca Gasperoni - Ghetto hollow (ft. Adessso & Kinawa)

“As a person, I experience different feelings and I did not want to limit the album to a genre that could mainly reflect just part of those feelings.” – Luca Gasperoni

Luca Gasperoni

Pangolin People - Take What You Need

Belgium-based independent singer-songwriter Pangolin People released his new indie rock track called ‘Take What You Need’.

Pangolin People

VinCrux - dollz

VinCrux’s latest release ‘dollz’ is inspired by the love of his life and represents how strong and charismatic women are.


Am3r3 - Falling out of Love

Am3r3’s newest release is about being ok with falling out of love with someone and using travelling to heal the sadness and loneliness.


MoneyMakinSan - PTSD

“My new song PTSD signifies the everyday struggles in life, love, and friendships most people can relate to.” – MoneyMakinSan


Galaxy Thief - FREE

UK-based indie rock band Galaxy Thief released a new track loaded with energetic sounds called ‘FREE’.

Galaxy Thief