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BAYWUD & Dvniel - Last Call

“This song has so many different meanings. It’s a song about loss and brokenness, as well as fear of the unforeseeable and the unknown.” – BAYWUD

All Yours - Full Circle

Electronic duo All Yours released a new track ‘Ful Circle’ as part of their new stunning EP called ‘The Wild’.

All Yours

Akso Heart - Trust Me

“As you venture into new pastures, it’s always best to remove negative people in your life who don’t want you to win.” – Akso Heart

Akso Heart

Joss Mogli & Katie King - Thoughts

Joss Mogli teams up with Katie King to take you on a dreamy ride throughout their new track ‘Thoughts’.

Vincent George - Fever

Vincent George’s new single ‘Fever’ is about how your mind can quickly spiral out of control without having any facts.

Vincent George

Elektric Animals - Cheers

Elektric Animals released a powerful new track that is about coming to terms with humanity and life.

Elektric Animals

Mark Brathwaite - Mi Amore

Mark Brathwaite’s latest EP ‘My Seasons’ is a perfect blend of Afrobeat, R&B, hip-hop, and pop.

Mark Brathwaite

Kubota - In My Head

In My Head by Kubota is the result of his journey in bettering his mental health.