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Maddie Park - pink moon

Maddie Park’s new single is a confrontation and an acceptance of oneself, which comes from the humility within the universe and the peace that goes with it.

Maddie Park

KOA - Guilt Trips

“A subtle cry out to friends in hopes of understanding. I don’t care if it’s uncomfortable to hear.” – KOA


Canyon - Shark Tank (ft. Raekwon)

Canyon teams up with Wu-Tang Clan legend Raekwon for his debut track called ‘Shark Tank’.

Earth to Eve - Club Kids

Earth to Eve’s new single ‘Club Kids’ is is about growing up at the club and all the crazy memories made along the way.

Earth to Eve

Mezmah - Smoke + Mirrors

Smoke + Mirrors by Mezmah is a track about domestic violence and how he as a young kid, used to hear his next-door neighbor get subjected to violence.


Setlo - Settle In

French producer Setlo release a new hard-hitting Techno track called ‘Settle In’.


YxngLion - Money Up

YxngLion made his new track ‘Money Up’ about his feelings of passion towards his music and his grind.


De Antiquis Et Novis - What Do You Do?

“As the song title “What Do You Do?” suggests, it is about the various decisions one has to make in life.” – De Antiquis Et Novis

De Antiquis Et Novis