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Venus as a boy, Jenna Noelle, Theo Lee - Reaching for the sky

‘Reaching for the sky’ by Venus as a boy, Jenna Noelle and Theo Lee is about pushing past your darkest moments.

Venus as a boy

Breakfast for Dinner - Say

Indie pop band Breakfast for Dinner released their latest pop gem called ‘Say’ featuring dreamy vocals and swirling guitars.

Breakfast for Dinner

Arin - Obvious

In his new track ‘Obvious’, Arin explores the difficulties of knowing exactly how a relationship is going to unfold before it’s even really started. 


Riley Wells - Endless

‘Endless’ by Riley Wells, is a feel-good pop track capturing the highs of long-term love never getting old.

Riley Wells

Frannie B - Downfall

Frannie B released a new track about struggling with addiction and seeing how you have let it take control of your life.

Frannie B

Dom Malin - Wake Up

“Wake Up came to exist from the realisation that we can lose ourselves to the pressures of society, and shape who we are based on conformity.” – Dom Malin

Dom Malin

Moonstalker & Alycia Kae - dreamwalker

‘Dreamwalker’ by Moonstalker and Alycia Kae is about that halfway place between unconsciousness and what we currently perceive as reality.