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LHO - Hun.

‘Hun.’ by LHO is a mean girl anthem about running into your ex-man’s new girl at a house party.


Small dogs - vieques & dark rum (ft. Kelly Vargas)

Sleazy guitars, steel drums and a sampled parrot (named Luanne), this song pulls you between the palms into a love story on a hot Caribbean island.

Lonely Together - Can't Believe It

Buttery guitar chords, big live-sounding drums and harmonious vocals create the foundation for the duo to tell a story about the night they met.

Lonely Together

Davis West - Liontrot

Violinist Davis West released his self-produced album with 12 original tracks called ‘Bedroom Bluegrass’.

Davis West

Erik Evy - No Harm, No Foul

“No Harm, No Foul is a light-hearted fun, summer song that is meant to be played with good weather.” – Erik Evy

Erik Evy

Shayan Valaie & Yan P - FØURDAYS

“After a year of lockdowns and staying inside I wanted to release a song for the summer everyone could enjoy in any setting. ” – Shayan Valaie