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Tubbz - Grime Kid

London-based rapper Tubbz, showcases his immaculate flow with his new track ‘Grime Kid’.


Anaté - Nonsense

Anaté’s new single ‘Nonsense’ talks about the absurdity of our constant struggles to give meaning to our lives.


David Baron & Fiona Glenn - Crossover

David Baron’s new song with Fiona Glenn is about a young couple that gets overwhelmed by city life and decides to leave one night. 

Brian Bulger - Bad in a Good Way

“Bad in a Good Way is about my departure from evangelicalism and specifically the religious trauma that brought me to ‘the deep end’.” – Brian Bulger

Brian Bulger

Marina Bennett - Til the End

Marina Bennet explores our complex longing for love and connection while fearing the risk of becoming emotionally vulnerable and hurt.

Marina Bennett

Klashing Black - Aiming High

Music duo Klashing Black released their new energetic, alternative pop EP called ‘To the Shelter’.

Klashing Black

Kelaska - September

‘September’ by Kelaska is about that fuzzy feeling you get when you first realize you want to spend every moment with someone.


David Baron & Kevin Kadish - Weakness

David Baron teams up with Kevin Kadish for a powerful rock pop track called ‘Weakness’.